Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Green Beauty & the Dox - Why I started this blog.

It's been six plus years since I started this journey and adjusted my life to try to heal that ornery little demon called Hashimotos. It's been amazing to watch the growth of options, info and support just during that time. You guys are amazing - sometimes I am literally overflowing with gratitude for this awesome community of GF, Paleo, Holistic and Green Beauty fanatics who make this world a healthier place!!

When I started, I truly lacked an available guidance. I felt uber-overwhelmed, I did not understand how one successfully could separate oneself from the rest of the world for health reasons and not get isolated, with friends who often time involuntarily and unwillingly judged me for my "choice", not understanding that this "choice" was not a choice just based on a fad. 
In addition, the lack of food choices, the sugar detoxes that affect your brain and moods... it was honestly a bit much at times. I did not have time to read long books, I had just opened a new business --  all I wanted is for someone out there to say: hey, I've been through that, here's how my journey went.

I searched locally for communities that could share their insights and ideas, give that guidance and support but was unable to find them. I did stumble upon it on Insta and FB eventually.

This year, I got in touch with a wonderful healer who had battled with Hashimotos herself and who taught me (and this is the most important lesson I have learned) that stressing about food (and the fear of food I had been encouraged and taught to live with) can cause your body to reject food - and suddenly my whole outlook changed from fear of getting sick at any moment to: "Hey, let me take control back over this little demon!" My extreme reactions to everything I ate outside my own home subsided instantly when I changed my expectations - and I became interested in good (healthy GF) food again. Hence the birth of this log of my loves.
Translating my favorite (often European inspired) dishes and recipes into gluten free versions that are both aesthetically pleasing and also taste great is my simple mission here, leaving out the starches as much as possible and going heavy on taste (and veggies). My friends kept asking me for my recipes, so here goes.

And sharing what clean green products I have played with will be a part of this blog as well, which ones have worked and which ones not... over the past 6 years, I have invested a lot of money already, so you may not have to.

I will keep my "Green Beauty & the Dox" FB page feed light so that your already bursting feeds don't get even more clogged.
Join me here whenever you feel like it, and comment whenever you have anything to share, you can sign up for my e-mail list on the right side here, or follow on Insta if you need occasional inspiration or would like to share something from your journey.

I am not here to earn a living, but I would love to build a small community where we can all share and learn and support each other when there might be an occasional hiccup or question.

I look forward to us helping each other out once in a while, so stay in touch!

Here's to health and happiness!
xx Beate

*  For more info about what HASHIMOTOS is, follow this link.

**If you are looking for extra support, 
I recommend joining Megan at Harmony Restored for inspiration and healing.

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