Sunday, January 29, 2017

Citrus + C Body Mist - D.I.Y.

I'm not always a friend of D.I.Y. body care because some of the recipes tend to be a bit earthy for me. 
However... I am an avid collector of face mists, which I carry with me EVERY-where in the dry winter months. 

I also do not have patience to wait for my body lotion or body oil to dry and absorb so that I can get dressed and not freeze to death in the mornings... 

... so I came up with this great solution earlier this December and have been hooked ever since.

Basically, it's a face mist for your body. It gives you the same benefits, just in a larger, more economical option. And: it takes no time to absorb while it wakes you up, refreshes and keeps your skin from drying out. The Vitamin C brightens your skin and may aid in collagen production.

Simply mix the ingredients, fill into a decorative mist bottle, shake well before use and apply on damp skin when you come out of the shower.

1/2 c citrus toner or organic rosewater
( use Andalou Vit C Toner or this AMAZING Bulgarian rosewater you can find at Whole Foods)

1/8 c Argan or jojoba oil

 (I love this 23K Olie Biologique Argan oil)

20 drops of organic Citrus essential oil (lemon, lime, tangerine or orange)
1/8 c Aloe Vera

Decorative fine-mist bottle

Enjoy & let me know what you think!


*note: it is worth investing in great organic essential oils so that you don't apply the pesticides of a conventional oil to your skin. 
Remember, essential oils are powerful little entities, use them wisely.

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