Thursday, October 19, 2017

Where have we been??

Apologies, we've moved - again!

We've FINALLY landed in Gorgeous Gordonsville, VA
where we are about to open another gallery and bring you some of my favorite green beauty gifts and some amazing custom framing again!

Stay tuned for our faves as well as some workshops with my fav amazing friends from
 the world of natural healing!

See you soon!


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Home

Yay: We've landed in Northern Virginia after a hectic move, and have traded our wholesome country life for a more active life in the 'Burbs. Aside from miles and miles of gorgeous paths for running and hiking, there are two amazing health food stores nearby and I look forward to exploring some of their visions and new options and some of the workshops they offer (and hopefully sharing). For me this move also means finding new good organic food sources as well as blending my AIP GF lifestyle f/t with that of someone who has been used to... (Keep reading...).

Friday, April 7, 2017

What's the difference? Empathetic - Highly Sensitive - Empath (Guest Post)

Empaths and HSP's have been discussed a lot lately, the terms have crossed my path again and again recently, and aside from many really interesting conversations with or about these special creatures, I recently read......... (more)

(Guest article written by Vanessa Hendley.)


2017 Green Beauty & the Dox

Saturday, March 18, 2017

SKIN HEROES: Mangosteen

One of Nature's greatest unsung heroes and healing-powerhouses is MANGOSTEEN.
SkinOwl's Annie Tevelin created her overnight oxygenating miracle oil featuring this super fruit two years ago
and it's been a favorite in my routine ever since.


2017 Green Beauty & the Dox

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Inspo


I think what I find most inspiring about Green Beauty (aside from nature's fab ingredients keeping us safe from pesky toxins) is the super support the industry provides for each other and these (more than often women owned) small businesses to be so successful. The stories are really amazing, and small companies like Yoshimomo, which I discovered on ETSY about 4 years ago, and which now has expanded so successfully and recently has been featured in Vogue Mag, really show how important self care and clean preventative skincare have become to us (and how much more educated we are choosing to become). Annie Tevelin at SkinOwl has been another great inspiration for me (I used to carry her amazing oils at LLB).

Don't ever stop dreaming, believe in yourself and your missions, take care of yourself - and please keep supporting these amazing pioneers (shop small y'all!) devoting themselves to bringing us green beauty, holistic health, a healthy lifestyle, mindfulness, love and respect for each other, delicious clean foods and so much more in a time when big companies are doing everything to sell you their big promise-laden "instant-fix" money-makers instead. 

Find Yoshimomo at:
About Annie:

Just a couple of great green women's blogs/links we love to check out for inspo (info about ingredients, tips, lifestyle, food, etc.):

HARMONY RESTORED - Health, Inspo & Wellness
LAURA's NATURAL LIFE - (Lifestyle & Green Beauty)
GURL GONE GREEN - (Podcasts, Lifestyle, Green Beauty)
THE ORGANIC BUNNY - (Green Beauty & Ingredients)
TERI MIYAHIRA - (Green Beauty & Lifestyle)
CULTIVATE BEAUTY AU - (Health & Wellness)
- (Recipes & Nutrition)  


....... & there are so many more out there, go and explore! 

PS: FOOD FOR THOUGHT: the EU has banned 1,342 cosmetic ingredients, whereas the US has only banned 10.

2017 Green Beauty & the Dox

Thursday, March 9, 2017

An Ode to Collagen

Collagen, we love you!

While some say that ingesting collagen doesn't do a thing, others swear by it, and it has been shown to contribute to so many of your body's healing functions (including healing your gut) that I thought it's time to give it a great big shout out! 
(PS: my dogs LOVE it on their dinner!)

What does it do?